Body Gesture Recognition and Action Response

Handbook of Virtual Humans

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Emering L. and Herbelin B. (2004) Body Gesture Recognition and Action Response. Handbook of Virtual Humans, N.Magnenat-Thalmann and D.Thalmann eds. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Chapter 12:287-302.

Wiley publisher.


Internet transformed information retrieval into a child’s play. At the same time, the overwhelming quantity of accessible knowledge makes problem solving difficult because traditional presentation media, such as text and 2D graphics, have reached their limits. We clearly need new communication channels, which have to be easy to use, three-dimensional and tailored to a given task. In this chapter we explore one of these innovative communication channels: human gesture recognition and response by a computer. The key idea is to project a real performer inside a virtual space where a computer analyses the body gestures and generates meaningful action response. In particular, the examined virtual spaces consist of 3D worlds where a real performer interacts with virtual humans.

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