Teaching experience

Four years Assistant Professor at AAU

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I have been teaching various computer science topics in the department of Medialogy for Aalborg University (Denmark) in Esbjerg and Copenhaguen (2005-2009). Here are some more details.


Medialogy regroups technical and creative skills. From the technical point of view, media tools are today strongly based on computers. Therefore, my contribution as a teacher is first to guarantee that students have a sufficient knowledge in computer sciences. This starts with programming and scripting, involves the understanding of software production, and ends with the realization of interactive systems. Secondly, my teaching is oriented toward 3D and virtual reality as the new generation of media are strongly based on these technologies.

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What I have taught:

  • Graphics programming (GP fall07, CGP fall08)
  • Interactive systems Programming (ISP fall08)
  • Computer graphics (VP spring07)
  • Programming C/C++(PC fall07-08)
  • Multimedia programming (MP spring08)
  • Interactive systems design (ISD spring08)
  • Virtual reality ( VRI spring08, VRD spring08, CVVR spring08)

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