GL Video player

Prototype for SuperMixer

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“GLV” is a working prototype for precise flow control of video files. It is useless as-is (does not play sound), but provides a good working-basis for my other project; SuperMixer.

The features implemented are:

  • Usual play/stop, pause/unpause, ffwrd/fbwrd
  • Varying play speed; x1/4, x1/3, x1/2, x2, x3
  • Mark IN and OUT; plays a section of a video
  • File selection with preview

The program is made in C/C++ with:

  • libavcodec - audio/video codec library from FFmpeg. It reads almost any video format and codec.
  • OpenGL - graphics library to render with fast fragment processing (color blending and transparency)
  • libQt - cross platform UI framework from Trolltech/Nokia
  • CMake - cross-platform, open-source build system.

It compile under Linux, OSX (and should work for Windows too).

GLV preview in file open

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